How Did You Hear About Sound Soiree?

    What is the current monthly budget of your music project?
    Less than $1000$1000-$2500$2500-$5000$5000-$10000$10000-$20000$20000-$50000$50000+

    What are you prepared to invest your music project?
    Less than $1000$1000-$2500$2500-$5000$5000-$10000$10000-$20000$20000-$50000$50000+

    If you are a good fit for Sound Soiree, right now…pick one
    I am ready to invest in sound development today. My finances are in order, I'm ready to grow with a team that supports my best interests as an artist. I know that I am ready to take action today. I will take 100% responsibility. No doubts or delays!I am able to invest in my self and sound development. These waves are strong, I'll find a way!I won't make the arrangements necessary to take action or responsibility to move my sound around the world, I think I'll just stay here.