Our mission is to help musicians with powerful messages create profitable business models based on what really matters to them, so they can overcome all their doubts and make a positive impact with their music.

We will provide you with:

  • A team that will propel you forward and represent your best interests as an artist.
  • We will help you identify what matters most to you and use your gifts to create media to do good, making the impact and the difference you are meant to make. (record your songs, write new ones, create a music video or film a live performance)
  • We will help you lead by example through radical self-love, fill your own heart first to effectively give yourself to others.
  • We will coach so that you can triumph over classic artist self-doubt and other mental blocks
  • We will teach you how to create income with your music immediately
  • With us you will eliminate the “need” for a record deal, thus becoming much more attractive to labels (they will come to you!).
  • Your participation in the Sound Soiree community will result in your happiness and fulfillment as a musical artist.

Sound Soiree is ideal for you if….

  • You truly want to use your music and voice to benefit all beings everywhere.
  • You’re ready and open to sharing honestly with a team that’s going to serve your best interests.
  • You know that you are prepared to take 100% responsibility for your artistic career, and that you and only you can create results or stand in your own way of achieving your goals.
  • You’re not 100% clear on your message and branding, thus not completely fulfilled in your music career, and you’re willing to put in the work!
  • You know you have what it takes, you’ve got a clear message and you just know something is missing, preventing you from making the difference you know you can make with your music.
  • You can commit to radical honesty and radical transparency in your work.
  • You are willing to delve into your “dark side” and be powerful in your vulnerability.
  • You want proven methods and tools to save you precious time and money.
  • You’re ready to educate yourself in order to make choices that make your music thrive!
  • You are ready to invest in mentorship that leads to tangible results.

This is not a fit right now if…

  • You’re not ready, willing and able to access funding to invest in yourself.
  • You’re okay with settling and very comfortable where you are.
  • You believe you already know everything there is to know, and you have nothing to learn from a mentor or experts in the areas of expertise you need.
  • You’re not ready and willing to face your negativity, are too sensitive to receive constructive feedback.
  • You don’t appreciate direct, straightforward radical honesty, and are too easily offended to receive tough love, given in your best interest.
  • You’re okay taking life as it comes without taking responsibility for creating the highest experience of reality for yourself first, and all those you know and touch later.
  • You’re only making music to get rich and receive attention with no interest in understanding what really motivates you.